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Russian Partizan unit make up??

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    And the same to you my friend

    Thanks also for the pics, all I can still find is the Partizan infrantry themselves and their small arms, no vehicles what so ever, AARRGGG!!!

    Cheers, to keep on looking until I find something, a list or pic, but something somewhere I hope eventually......



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      Originally posted by TRDG View Post
      What did the Russian Partizan forces have for men and equipment (say post Kursk and on), from small arms and vehicles to other assets that may have been used? I am also looking for info on small and larger scale battles between these Partizans and the Germans, be they the anti-Partizan specific force or regular German units that just happened to be there while the Partizans ambushed, or just ran into them at times.

      Cheers, general comments, web sites and books on this subject would be very welcome here by me, and others to I hope.

      Thanks in advance.


      I will also be looking for the flip side of this for the German forces unit make up, but I'll post that up on the Panzer forum I think.
      Initially partizan detachments had only small arms. It was natural if we remember politics of the Partisan Central HQ, hwich said "Partisans must capture arms from the enemy". However I read memoirs of partisan commanders, from where I could see that they could get heavier arms such as guns, armored cars and even tanks using abandoned ones, which were left at battlefields. At the same time we need to learn that supply and service of heavy weapons were very much limited under conditions of maneuver war of partizan detachments. Situation became better in 1943-44, when supply of detachments became better, but even in that period any vehicles in partizan detachments were quite rare. Usage of cars often were limited by their participation in special missions, or as a headquarter cars. (But we must take into acocunt that any car in a zone under partizan control was a great prize for any German pilot, flying around it). The most favorable arms were light ones and different sort of explosives and hand grenades (called "pocket artillery") in limited amounts heavy machine-guns could be seen as well as anti-tank rifles. the latter were used not only against German AFVs, but with large sucfcess agaisnt steam engines during railroad attacks.
      BA-10 armored car "Orlovskiye Partizany" (Orel Partizans)
      on a village street. The Central Front, Aug. 1943

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        Thanks Alex

        Now I have a pic I can see, so armoured cars and other lighter vehicles may have been used, as well as scavanged abaondoned armour on the battlefield, very nice sir!!

        Cheers, anyone else have any info to share here please?



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          In Manstien's book he claims that the partisans had little effect on the outcome of the war at large. While this may be true, many German units were devoted exclusively to anti-partisan activities. (e.g. SS Polizie). This indicates that the partisan threat was significant at some level.

          Partizan equipment would, to some degree, be dependent on the time and place under consideration but would have improved with time as the war progressed. Likewise, partisans would be more motivated to fight as the Red Army approached their area of operations during the counter offensives.
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            If someone interesting..

            Partizan guide (1942)
            (goole translate)


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              Kovpak describes in his memoirs that they captured immobilized german tank, which they then used as some kind of pillbox.

              This tank:
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                Thanks guys

                More info for me to go through, very nice!!!

                Cheers, ACG members



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                  The partisans used equipment from German units that they ambushed and leftover equipment from the regular army. The Russian army did supply some things but most obviously needed to be saved for russian counterattacks like after Stalingrad or the defence of Stalingrad.


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