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14 тбр on june-july 1942?

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  • 14 тбр on june-july 1942?

    hi, now i have a little problem to understand, information.

    is done that on date 29 june and july on Voronezh front, was 180th and 110th tank brigade + 181 separate tank battalion we have fight in this area on this date under command from 40 army.

    by july 1942, for this area if i read by 40 army, this done me this information.
    14, 170 тбр, 62 одн бронепоездов

    so 14 and 170 tank brigade.

    because on

    i don't see a 14 тбр or 170 тбр, i see just a 14 сбр and a 14 мбр, so riffle brigade and motorized brigade.

    or the 14 tank brigade was called on this date 14 мбр?

    and on other site, i have found that 14 tank brigade was under Colonel Sergey Ionovich and it fall on 29 june 1942.

    after colonel was dead. on 30 june was Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Timofeevich Styzik

    so on map i need emplacement from this 14 tank brigade. Know you this?

    and if possible Tank Equipment of tank brigade.

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    14th Tank Brigade:
    Formed from the 55th Tank Division in August 1941 near Kharkov.
    Colonel Sergei Ionovich Semennikov 2 Sep 41 to 29 Jun 42
    Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Timofeevich Styzik 30 Jun 42 to 4 Mar 43
    (promoted to Colonel on 20 Jan 43)

    The brigade included 14th Tank Regiment when it was formed, but after December 1941 the regimental headquarters was disbanded and the separate tank battalions were directly under the brigade command.
    14th Tank Brigade was assigned to 38th Army in Southwestern Front in September 1941, then moved to 40th Army in December 1941.
    The brigade was still under 40th Army in June 1942. On 28 Jun 42 it reported having the following tanks on hand:
    2 BT-5, 16 BT-7, 20 Mk III Valentines (Lend Lease), and 2 Mk I 'Universal' armored personnel carriers
    The only other strength figures I have are from 7 July 1942, when the brigade was authorized 46 tanks but reported only 35 tanks on hand, and on 20 August 1942 when the brigade reported having 2 BT-7, 3 Mk-III Valentines, 1 M3L Stuart (Lend Lease US light tank), 10 KV, 5 T-34, 6 T-60, 7 T-70 tanks, and 3 Mk I Universal carriers.
    In November 1942 the brigade was assigned to 60th Army, and from there in January 1943 it went into Voronezh Front reserves, then into STAVKA reserves in February. From 18 February to 8 March 1943 the brigade was used to form the 87th Tank Regiment.

    Hope this helps


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      wonderful Sharposhnikov, and many tank's, and have you knowledge about 170 tank brigade, is this correct, was this unit in area from Voronezh, or 40 army by this date, or coming this unit into army after Voronezh battle?


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        170th Tank Brigade:
        This brigade was formed in Moscow Military District in March 1942, moved to Bryansk Front reserves in April, and was assigned to 40th Army from May 1942 to October 1942. The brigade included the 372nd and 373rd Tank Battalions when it was formed.
        On 28 June 1942 the brigade reported the following armored vehicles on hand:
        3 Mk III Valentines, 2 Mk II Matildas, 20 T-60s, and 3 Mk I 'Universal' armored personnel carriers.
        In October 1942 the brigade became part of the 18th Tank Corps, and it remained with that corps for the rest of the war (it took part in the great battle at Prokhorovka with that corps on 11 - 13 July 1943)


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          If I may ask, do you have information on the 130 тб or 1 Гв.тб in early 1942? It would be of great help.

          Thank you
          Scott Fraser
          Ignorance is not the lack of knowledge. It is the refusal to learn.

          A contentedly cantankerous old fart


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            - Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but here's what I have on 130th Tank Brigade:
            Formed from 15th and 16th Tank Regiments of the 8th Tank Division on 20 Sep 41. When formed, it had the 130th Tank Regiment with 2 tank battalions, (1st and 2nd), authorized 65 tanks, including 10 T-34s or KVs
            The brigade was assigned to the Active Army (under a Front or Army command on the combat front, not STAVKA reserves or a Military District HQ) from 20 Sep 41 to 6 Jun 42
            The 130th Tank Regiment HQ was disbanded on or around 26 Dec 41, and after that the tank battalions were directly under the brigade HQ.
            It was assigned to the South Front reserves from September to December 1941, then in December it was assigned to 57th Army. In that army it took part in the liberation of Barvenkovo on 23 Jan 42. At that time the brigade commander was Colonel Efim Grigor’evich Pushkin
            The brigade was assigned to the 23rd Tank Corps when that HQ was formed by a STAVKA Directive dated 19 April 1942. Before May 1942 the brigade had also been completely re-equipped with T-34s from the Stalingrad Tractor Plant and Lend Lease Mk III Valentines. The brigade took part in the Kharkov Offensive in May and was virtually destroyed there, since on 7 June a second 130th Tank Brigade is listed as having been 'formed from the first 130th Tank Brigade' with a new commander:
            Lieutenant Colonel Stepan Kuz’mich Nesterov. The 'new' 130th Tank Brigade was assigned to the Active Army from 7 Jun to 26 Oct 42, and after a short term in reserve from 6 to 26 Dec 42. Nesterov was the commander throughout this period.
            On 12 Jun 42 the brigade reported the following armored strength:
            20 T-34s, 16 T-60s, 10 Mk III Valentines.
            In late June it was assigned to the 24th Tank Corps. There is a very good sequence of armored strength during the battles in late June-July:
            28 June 42, brigade strength:
            26 T-34s, 21 M3 Stuart light tanks, 2 'Universal' armored carriers
            29 Jun 42, brigade strength:
            20 T-34s, 17 M3 Stuarts
            Losses: 29 June to 20 July:
            12 T-34s, 14 M3 Stuarts
            20 Jul 42 brigade strength:
            8 T-34s, 3 M3 Stuarts
            (Reference for the 29 June - 20 July figures: TsAMO. F. 3400. Op. 1.d.5.L.1 - 21, 35, 38, 43 and f. 3400. Op.1.d.16.L.1, 9, 23-25 )
            Finally, on 20 Aug 42, still assigned to 24th Tank Corps, the brigade had:
            6 T-34s, 3 M3 Stuarts, 20 T-60s, 3 'Universal' carriers
            The brigade remained in 24th Tank Corps until that corps got its Guards designation on 26 December 1942, when the 130th Tank Brigade became the 26th Guards Tank Brigade. By December, the brigade's tank battalions had received separate designations as the 260th and 261st Tank Battalions.

            I have less information about the 1st Guards Tank Brigade during this period, but here's what I have:

            1st Guards Tank Brigade
            Formed on 11 Nov 41 by NKO Order No. 337 from the 4th Tank Brigade
            Formed with the 1st Guards Tank Regiment, which was disbanded on 1 Apr 42. After that date it had 1st and 2nd Separate Tank Battalions .
            When formed the brigade was in 16th Army in Western Front. On 14 Nov 41 it reported a strength of 2 KVs, 7 T-34s, and 6 T-40 light tanks. By the end of the month it was up to 6 KVs plus 16 medium and light tanks.
            In December as the great Moscow Counteroffensive started, 1st Guards Tank Brigade became the nucleus of Group Katukov, a 'Mobile Group' in 20th Army. As part of this group, it took part in the liberation of Volokolamsk on 20 Dec 41. The brigade remained in 20th Army until February 1942, when it was reassigned to 5th Army. On 1 April 1942 the brigade went into reserves in the Moscow Military District. In April, in the Moscow District, it was used to form the 1st Tank Corps. 1st Guards Tank Brigade remained part of 1st Tank Corps in Bryansk Front from May 1942 on, but in September 1942 the brigade was removed from 1st Tank Corps and used to form 3rd Mechanized Corps. It remained with 3rd Mech (later 8th Guards Mechanized Corps) for the rest of the war.
            By the end of 1942 the brigade included 10th, 49th, and 253rd Tank Battalions and was equipped with KVs, T-34s, and T-60s.


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              Very many thanks. I am preparing a sheet of decals for STZ vehicles from early 1942 (circa April-May) and vehicles from these two units are among the most interesting subjects.

              Your information will help greatly to provide some historical and geographic background to others interested in modelling these vehicles.

              If you care to PM me with your name and contact details, I will be pleased to include an acknowledgement in the instruction sheets.

              Scott Fraser
              Ignorance is not the lack of knowledge. It is the refusal to learn.

              A contentedly cantankerous old fart


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