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Capture of Ploesti oilfields

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  • Capture of Ploesti oilfields

    Does anyone know which Soviet units recaptured the Ploesti oilfields in Romania around Aug 30th 1944 ?

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    This was area of the 2nd Ukrainian front. Ploesti has been captured by 5th mech. corps. The corps included 2nd, 9th, and 45th, mech. brigadees + 223rd tank brigade.

    After this time (by Prikaz NKO № 306 on Sept. 12 1944) the corps became guards (with new number - 9th), and the numeration of the brigades was also changed into 30th, 31st, 18th, and 46th, respectively. They also got additional honorary titles: 'Dniestr' for 30th, 18th, and 46th; 'Ploesti' for 31st (since it distinguished itself in this area). The corps got the honorary title "Dniestr-Rymnik".

    But I think there were some of smaller units + aviation.


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      Thx for your quick response. Regards Jaywol.


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        ПЛОЕШТИ. Освобожден 30 августа 1944 г. войсками 2 УФ в результате Ясско-Кишиневской операции:

        Liberated on Aug. 30'44 by the troops of the 2nd UF as a result of Iassy-Kishinev operation

        6 ТА — 5 гв. тк (генерал-майор т/в Савельев Михаил Иванович) в составе: 20 гв. тбр (полковник Шутов Степан Федорович), 21 гв. тбр (подполковник Ковалев Никита Григорьевич), 22 гв. тбр (подполковник Павловский Григорий Тимофеевич), 6 гв. мсбр (полковник Осадчий Денис Матвеевич), 1462 сап (майор Катилов Александр Григорьевич); 375 гв. тсап (подполковник Харитонов Степан Григорьевич); часть сил 5 исбр (полковник Мясников Александр Дмитриевич).

        6th Tank Army : -
        5th Gds. Tank Corps (Maj.-Gen. Tank troops Saveljev Mikhail Ivanovich):
        20th Gds. TBde (Col. Shutov Stepan Fyodorovich),
        21st Gds. TBde (Lt. Col. Kovalev Nikita Grigorjevich),
        22nd Gds. TBde (Lt. Col. Pavlovskiy Grigoriy Timofeevich),
        6th Gds. Mot. Rfl. Bde. (col. Osadchiy Denis Matveevich),
        1462nd SP Gun Art. Regt (Maj. Katilov Alexandr Grigorjevich)
        375th Heavy SP Gun Art. Regt. (Lt. Col. Kharitonov Stepan Grigorjevich)
        part of forces of the 5th Engineer-Sapper Bde (Col. Myasnikov Alexandr Dmitrievich)

        27 А — 3 гв. вдд (полковник Конев Иван Никитич) 35 гв. ск (генерал-лейтенант Горячев Сергей Георгиевич).

        27th Army - 3rd Gds. Airborne division (Col. Konev Ivan Nikitich)
        35th Gds. Rifle Corps (Lt-Gen. Goryachev Sergey Georgievich)

        Приказом ВГК присвоено наименование Плоештинских: 722 сп (майор Косьмин Анисий Васильевич), 2 гв. вдсп (майор Авербух Михаил Наумович), 9 мбр (полковник Селезнев Кузьма Федорович), 61 пабр (инженер-подполковник Броварник Юрий Семенович), 661 ап (подполковник Пушевский Михаил Иванович), 14 минбр (полковник Кривопалов Николай Иванович), 454 минп (подполковник Кувшинников Николай Васильевич), 1696 зенап (майор Мещерин Федор Иванович).

        A honorale name "Ploeshti" was awarded to:
        722nd Rifle Regiment (Maj. Kos'min Anisiy Vasiljevich)
        2nd Gds. Airborne Regiment (Maj. Averbukh Mikhail Naumovich)
        9th Mechanised Bde (col. Seleznyov Kuz'ma Fedorovich)
        61st Gun Art. Bde. (Engineer-Colonel Brovarnik Yuriy Semenovich)
        661st Art. Regt. (Lt. Col. Pushevskiy Mikhail Ivanovich)
        14th Mortar Bde (Col. Krivopalov Nikolay Ivanovich)
        454th Mortar Regt. (Lt. Col. Kuvshinnikov Nikolay Vasiljevich)
        1696th Antiaircraft Art. Regt. (Maj. Meshcherin Fedor Ivanovich)

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