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Battleship Parizhskaya Kommuna

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  • Battleship Parizhskaya Kommuna

    Parizhskaya Kommuna

    ( source: - The Russian Battleships: Sevastopol Class )


    The section on the Sevastopol is 27 pages in length. The text covers all of the events that occurred in the operational life of the battleship from the laying of her keel on June 3, 1909 to her scrapping in 1956/1957. During World War One the history of the four battleships had a great deal of commonality, since they were part of the same squadron. However, the history of each diverged in the Soviet era. As is true with all four battleships, Sevastopol was renamed by Soviet government in the 1920s to a more revolutionary name and then renamed to her former name during World War Two. On March 31, 1921 Sevastopol was renamed Parizhskaya Kommuna to recognize the revolutionary Paris Commune of the 19th Century. Since all members of the Imperatritsa Maria Class dreadnought had been lost as a result of the World War One or the Russian Civil War, with one winding up in French North Africa, Soviet Russia had no dreadnought on the Black Sea and yet Turkey still had the Yavuz Ex-Goeben. Parizhskaya Kommuna had received a refit, including a new bow design, so in 1929 it was decided to send her to the Black Sea. She left with cruiser Profintern but the force ran into a strong storm in the Bay of Biscay. The new bow created a well that kept water. As the Parizhskaya Kommuna took green seas over the bow, water was trapped in the bow, until it failed. Parizhskaya Kommuna had to put into Brest for emergency repairs. The Soviet government was embarrassed by the incident, so repairs were made solely by the crew. Threedays later Parizhskaya Kommuna left Brest to be greeted by 35 foot seas. The condition in the ship deteriorated to worse than before and again Parizhskaya Kommuna put into Brest for repairs but this time the Soviet government contracted with a French shipyard for repairs. On January 18, 1930 Parizhskaya Kommuna reached Sevastopol and spent the rest of her career in the Black Sea. When the Crimea fell to the Germans in 1942, Parizhskaya Kommuna had to move her base of operations to the ports of the Caucuses. Throughout World War Two she was very active in supporting the Red Army along the Black Sea Coasts. On May 31, 1943 she was renamed with her original name, Sevastopol. The Sevastopol was given the Order of the Red Banner in July 1945 for her war time record. This subchapter contains 40 photographs and three drawings.
    If you could add any informations, it would be great! [ Escpecially about the KR-1 ( Heinkel He-55 ). ]


    Two-seat catapult-launched biplane flying boat, ship-born reconnaissater (so KR). Thirty wooden airframes (1930 vintage) were purchased and equipped with M-22 engines. Two catapults were also purchased and installed on navy ships. Nonetheless, most of KR-1 were 'served' by crane (not by catapults). In winter season KR-1 were installed on skis to operate from ice/snow.
    In service until 1938.
    ( source: Russian Aviation Museum )

    And after 1938 ? No more seaplane aboard the Parizhskaya Kommuna?

    Regards. Sven

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    Re: Battleship Parizhskaya Kommuna

    Oh....too much info to translate then.....

    To say it briefly, this battleship really took part in operations from Oct. '41 until Mar'42. Then it was used for anti-aircraft service of Caucasus bases

    I counted ~7 operations Parizhskaya Kommuna to be used in.
    It had no causalities in the war except 3 sailors lost during a storm.

    As it performed artillery fire by areas, its effectiveness may be estimated as low.

    I'll check what airplane did it have. It might be KOR-2 or Be-2 or Be-4, but now I'm not sure as I have no materials at hand sitting on my workplace
    If you fire a rifle at the past, the future will fire a cannon at you.....


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      I've found a "better photo":

      Battleship "Parizhskaya Kommuna" shelling german positions near Sevastopol, November 1941.

      source: ( Amazing photo collection ! )

      Regards, Sven

      P.S. What does "Parizhskaya Kommuna" mean :quest:


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        Originally posted by Trommelfeuer
        I've found a "better photo":

        P.S. What does "Parizhskaya Kommuna" mean :quest:
        "Parizhskaya Kommuna" means: Commune of Paris
        And this is not the better photo :P

        BTW, I obtain its blueprints

        In the end of 30s a catapult for KR-1 (Heinkel HD-55) was dismounted from this battleship and transferred to "Krasniy Kavkas" cruiser.

        In the Soviet Navy Air forces Be-2 (KOR-1), Be-4 (KOR-2), MBR-2 planes were ustilised while WW2
        If you fire a rifle at the past, the future will fire a cannon at you.....


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          Great info - again !

          Thank you amvas !

          Trgards, Sven


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            Originally posted by amvas
            "Parizhskaya Kommuna" means: Commune of Paris
            It is about first Communist state in world.

            Sorry, I do not remember date exactly, but as I remember it was in 1871 where France was broken in Sedan, Germans were in Versailes and people of Paris organized first Communist state in Paris which was destroyed by French Army with help of Germans.


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