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soviet infantry uniforms, 1942

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    Thanks a ton, Thomas - you are a hero.

    I'm in Texas at the moment, and with the time it takes to perform all of my daily routines unfortunately I can't afford much vacation time to rush to New Jersey. I really wish they had something around here I could attend.


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      Originally posted by regulator4 View Post
      Emil G, I may need your help on that one.
      Ivan A. Ruboff?


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        Have you gone thrue this site?

        Uniform and gear:
        Complete Soviet Early War M35 Uniform Package 1941-1943

        Basic kit you can buy from trident,
        M35 tunic
        M35 trousers
        M35 rifles collar tabs- GREEN if you want Stalingrad era, red is before Operation barbarossa kinda (they realized red isnt a good colour in the field)
        M35 crossed rifles collar tab insignia
        M35 pilotka with red or green star
        EM belt- make sure its all leather, there is canvas/leather belts but they didnt start to show up untill late 42 if memory dont fail me
        Brown or black Mosin Nagant ammo pouch - both colours OK
        Canteen with cover - All aluminium, if you get a painted one just remove the paint from the bottle
        Soviet enlisted ranks boots - early in the war boots was pretty common, later low shoes and leggings became used more.
        Plash-palatka - In the corners it should be leather rings, if its anything else it isnt correct!
        Messtin - Works, but this one was more common:
        Grenade Pouch - Must be 3 grenade pouch! 2 grenade is postwar!
        Soviet 1944 dated straight handle shovel with carrier
        Rucksack - if you get a version with a small extra pocket on the outside torn it of, the GPW era bag didnt have this extra pocket.

        Helmet - should be green, havent seen a single one painted in camo (but I have seen seller try to sell camopainted helmets as "assault forces")
        Note that the pads on the inside is like on the pic, there is another version but it isnt correct.

        Gas mask bag -
        Dont bother with a gasmask, it was tossed away damn fast and the bag was used as a breadbag with all small stuff in it (the russian pockets arent optimal for all things you want with you)

        Winter coat-
        If you go for tridents you will have to rip of the insignias as they are M43 insignias. Insignia should be like this picture but green instead
        If you dont want a winter coat this is the alternative:
        that and the pants, I got the M43 version and I love it

        Ushanka - one of the biggest PITA in RKKA reenactemnt to get right.
        there is allot of versions out there, allot of debating of wich is right etc, and the modern ones confuses its all up...
        but has a few, I got but im not to happy with how its sewn inside (the pattern should be in a certain way wich mine isnt) but it works OK for just a outside look.

        underwear - from Alex at ostfront, it exist in both summer and winter version

        Footwraps - cant find pic at moment but they are just white ordinary footwraps

        Paybook -
        he dont have the stuff upp but mail him and he can arrange something for you. He is himself a RKKA reenactor down in Florida and the work I got from him is top notch, he ewen fill in the info in russian for you with correct stamps!

        Ration bag -
        smaller bags that you have your food and smaller stuff in, I have 2 bags and its wonderful not to have to find your razor somewhere in the bagpack somewhere in the dark...

        Spoooooone -
        Either that one or you make your own out of wood and reference pictures.
        to be macho you should be wearing it in your boot so it sticks out a bit
        fork and dinner knife didnt exist kinda and a spon is all you need to eat with as its most cabbage soup etc.

        Drinking coups
        on the alu one, make sure to get some leather strings or whatever and wire in the ear with or you burn your hand

        This is what I can come to think of now, there is always more stuff to buy, like matches, gloves etc. but this is basic + extra needed stuff Ive listed.
        you can cut it down to be only the basic kit + helmet if you like, but with what i listed here you are pretty much "complete" for going into field



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          So ultimately buying Trident's "package" deals are the best things to go with?


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            Originally posted by Coup View Post
            So ultimately buying Trident's "package" deals are the best things to go with?
            As a starting kit yes. then as time goes bye and you have some cash over or feel you need to compliment the stuff you already have you can buy the rest piece by piece elsewhere.



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              Originally Posted by ThomasM:

              M35 rifles collar tabs- GREEN if you want Stalingrad era, red is before Operation barbarossa kinda (they realized red isnt a good colour in the field)
              Actually, green tabs, stars, etc. were prescribed for the field conditions before the GPW, at Feb. 1 1941 by Prikaz NKO № 27. But they did not manage to equip all the army by the new things till the summer. So green things were supplied 100% only by the end of 1941.

              Drinking coups...
              They also used green cups:

              Typical spoon:


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                Thank you both. You are both amazing and a big help in my endeavor.


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                  Hey Coup

                  Tell us more about your plans if you could, I'd like to hear that myself!!




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                    Lots of good re-enactor pics here! From WWI to the Winter War to both early and late WWII!


                    Click WWI or WWII then click any links in the frame on the left.


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