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OT: researching a Luftwaffe unit

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  • OT: researching a Luftwaffe unit

    Yes guys I now this is as off topic I can go, but I know a few of you are writers and researchers so I hope to get some tips and hints.

    In IL2 me and a friend have a Squadron called 5./KG53 wich is a unit in II/KG53 Legion Condor. However we cant find much detailed info about it. I know there is one book out there, but its wery rare and in german.

    So im thinking of researching around a bit,and I would need to know places to contact and sites to look at.
    So any help is welcome


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    mail to Oleg for some help !!!
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      If you didn't know this site, it has some infomation on Luftwaffe units (bases used, planes availalbe) and is a good place to start.

      Also you can try to ask your questions on their forum. That's were the real experts are.


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        Also Thomas, you may want to try asking around in the Il2 Mission builder Forum or at Mission4Today. There is a wealth of information, all for the asking. I'm sure somebody would have extensive information about this unit.

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