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Ideas for a "sticky" thread for the RKKA forum.

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    For me

    That might kill some of the fun to be had here, if every member knew everything, then why post, or start a thread even???

    I've hit some retread topics before on various forums on this ACG site, and I get some of the popular "views", backed by some "facts", AT FIRST. But, I think if you see some of my threads (and how they turn out), some very intersting "things" seem to happen from time to time on them.

    That might be "missing" if I saw a sticky with known ( or percieved to be known) "facts" on a forum, I probably would'nt have even bothered to think, post or start a thread.... If something (topic) is a bore, don't want to get into it, then just don't post, or even read it. it's that simple, to me anyways.

    Cheers, just my thoughts, some interesting thoughts on this, and I applaud the effort here, but, do you guys see what I mean.......

    Alex, any more comments from you? I bet there is, my friend!!



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      IMHO, threads about certain things die for a reason.

      What I would like to see in a sticky for this forum is links to sites that have downloadable vids and movies about the Red Army, Navy and VVS. Preferably DivX, as that is the best quality streamable video right now. was awesome for its high quality downloadable DivX history content. I can't wait for it's replacement.



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        i don't like "stickys", for the reason Alex mentioned they tend to take over the start page of the forum.

        Better would be a single link to a FAQ page, from which common newbie questions could be linked. That is, after all, the function of such a page.

        As for discussion of more involved topics, the importance of Lend-Lease and such, these are things that cannot be answered definitively one way or the other, even after pages of discussion. It is very much a matter of individual opinion.

        What might be useful, for this example, is a table showing quantities and dates of materiel received, alongside equivalent data for Soviet production. That would allow the reader to make a direct comparison and draw his own conclusions. That might be possible. Anything more than that tends toward a discussion, which is the function of the forum.

        Just my 2 kopeek.

        Scott Fraser
        Ignorance is not the lack of knowledge. It is the refusal to learn.

        A contentedly cantankerous old fart


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          I would add an s to that.

          Originally posted by Browning50cal View Post
          IMHO, threads about certain things die for a reason.
          I would say reasons, and you are correct for he most part, but there are other factors to consider.

          Time is a big one, and members moods as well, it can be as simple as having a new member post a different idea on someones thread that has'nt been thought about yet, then, it's "on" again, and so on.

          If you happen to have 6,8,12 good threads going at once, one also tends to track, and post on only a couple, you are "in the mood" , frame of mind, had breakfast that day, a good, or bad, day of work, many, many factors here.......



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