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Evaluation of T-34 & KV-1 by Aberdeen

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    Originally posted by Emil_G View Post
    The Gen. Lee. Ugh! A.k.a. "the grave for 7 brothers". Seriously, American military thinking was really in the dumps at times.
    That was quite the abberation. A product of the near panic and haste to mobilization in 1940-41. Tho good enough for 1941. All the other US tank designs sent to combat were the single turret pattern with 4-5 man crew, the same as the Wehrmachts common designs.

    The T34 had the advantage of low hull silloutte and better layout of hull/armor. This general concept was already entering the thinking of the US tank engineers when the T34 & KV arrived in the US. In 1942 a small group went to Africa and spent the spring and early summer inspecting British and German tanks destroyed in battle. Their recomendations resulted in the late 1942 design of the hull for the T20 tank, which led eventually to the M26. If you lay out engineering drawings of the Soviet T34 and US T20 hulls along side each other there are some significant similarities. So, the US tank enginers did use some characteristics of the T34 in other tank designs, even if those items were inspired from other sources. Of course those designs were not placed in large scale production until 1945.
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      I know a few US Army officers were sent to the USSR during the war as part ofthe diplomatic group, and few more as technical advisors for some of the US equipment sent. Does anyone know of any whos mission was to inspect Soviet weapons and make technical reports for the US design engineers? There were hundreds of technical observers sent to evaluate British equipment, and a reverse from Britian.


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