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Artillery factories?

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  • Artillery factories?

    Is there info on the web about what Soviet Artillery was produced by which factories at which locations?

    RKKA includes a great table for which plants produced tanks, for example, and I was looking for something similar for artillery.

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    Probably wait until AMVAS is back on line here, maybe tonight, unless others know about this, I know I don't.

    Cheers, welcome to the forums!!



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      Hardly one can find united table of factories, which produced guns.
      I don't know any united tables for those in my collection of literature.
      THe best way is to browse for every artillery system and check what plant designed and produced it.
      I know plant "Barrikady" to produce B-4 203mm howitzer.
      152mm Br-2 gun and 280mm mortar Br-5 might be of the same plant production (right now have no the book at hand to verify)
      Also produced F-22USV-BR gun

      ZIS plant was also occupied with "ZIS" and "F" type of guns.
      Don't mix this plant with automobile "ZIS" they were two different plants.

      Also I noticed plant No.92 to produce ~100,000 guns. But I can't find had it own name, or not. It was situated in Gorkiy (Nizhniy Novgorod).
      It was making guns of F.F. Petrov design (M-30 and some others)

      Motovilikha plant - M-30 howitzer and a wide range of other guns including antiaircraft and antitank.

      Uralmash - M-30 howitzer and probably other types

      Those data I cited are only preliminary ones.
      As I have said the best way is to browse for the info about every type of guns to see what plants produced them.
      I myself have no forces to perform this sort of work...
      If you fire a rifle at the past, the future will fire a cannon at you.....


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