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German thoughts regarding the capture of Moscow

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    Originally posted by grosnain View Post
    Yes, kalinin and tula ( and all the stong local russian counters)are the red warnings that should had gave to the Heer the possibilty to think another plan for winter. At that time they didn't want to take Moscow, just surround it.
    With Orsha conference and the 3 weeks before the germans played the last the last cards they had : last panzer elite and infantry elite, old nco and officers,the prussian cast as a structure and hierarchy, invincibility.

    Also for Moscow they knew the Brest litov and odessa experience and Kiev trap.
    So, what for ? Make the war on the frozen steppe without supply ?
    That doesn't work.

    Hitler's policals and criminals thoughts ( and the failure of some in the corrupted Army) have not allowed to the General Staff (or an "ad oc" field and staff officers crisis summit) the intellectual mobility to think another plan for winter and the next summer offensive.
    NB : i know the problems between hitler and the Heer.

    They simply decided to rush, being a poor caricature of their lost "blitzkreig style".
    They rushed because they erroneously thought they could finish off the RKKA. Had they known the true strength of the Sov. forces, they may have gone to defenisve positions and palnned better for 42--but that was not the German style.


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      As I'm sure has been posted previously, successful Blitzkrieg requires that fixed battles and sieges are avoided. The battle for Moscow was a mistake by Hitler, the battles for Stalingrad and Kursk finished Hitler.


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        You're right, but the battle of Moscow took place in a large area from South Valdai hills (9th army) to Orel (Guderian Army).
        And German didn't want to get in.
        You are right but in my point of view after Viazma and Briansk pockets it was no more but a carricature of "blitzkrieg style".

        The turn is Orsha and the 3 weeks before. The decision to defence should had been set around 24 oct.
        Defence as a plan for winter. But germans could attack and counter attack when needed for the whole plan...


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