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    Originally posted by Andrey View Post
    I don't know what fugasnyi ognemet is. I know what fugasnyi shell (bomb is).
    Late coming into this discussion (several years!).

    I recently ran across reference to the first flame-tanks OT-34 from 1941, equipped with "FOGy". In context, these appear to be incendiary cartridges affixed to the outside of the hull, in a long square housing that was photographed in winter 1941-42.

    The point is that they were fixed, yes, but in a small form they were mobile on a tank or other vehicle platform. They may have been fired (launched) by explosive charge, but the weapon itself was an incendiary fluid.

    The reference is in T-34-76 i T-34-57 v boyakh za Moskvu.

    Scott Fraser
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      One minor point on the nuances of A,erican English & military terms.

      AGF> DKR - is this a military police unit involved in road control?
      AGF> Maybe call it 'military police traffic control company.

      Ok, I'll translate it as "Traffic control company".
      As there were no military police here, I will not confuse anybody
      introducing this term.

      For this function we would either write "Traffic Control" if refering to a organization or a comand post with this function. Or, use a official them "Road Master" when refering to the organization or individual controling a traffic sector or organization. Depends on the exact meaning you are trying to translate.


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