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  • OT Congratulations Russia

    You bunch of

    I'm talking about the Canadian players. Well done Russia..strong team...probably will get the gold, unless Finland do.

    May the best team win.

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    yeah, congrats to you russians even though it was certain that you would win against this more than arguable canadian team.
    I'm so p***ed off at Gretsky's stupidity right now. He justifies his decision by saying that he wanted experience before all, then he says that they needed to relax during the competition. What's the need of experience if they can't get past the nervousness of an olympic game. Nothing! What they lacked was exactely what could have been added by young guns like spezza, staal, phaneuf, crosby, etc. Kids that CAN skate.

    Gretsky's must resign. His head must roll!!!
    Last edited by Trigger Happy; 22 Feb 06, 23:11.
    “Die in peace my brothers, but die quietly, so that we hear nothing but the faintest echo of your suffering…”


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      The match began in 01.30 AM of February, 23rd according Omsk's time so it was necessary to look it at deep night. Very many Russians saw it in the spite of this fact.

      The Canadian goalkeeper was great.

      To the point, February, 23rd is a great Russian national holiday - the Day of a Defender of the Motherland (former Day of Soviet Army and Navy). It means a men's day (men serve in an army).

      Our hockey team has made an excellent present to the Russians to the holiday.


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        Indeed they have made a good present to the Russian people Andrey, didn't know it was a holiday. I agree our goalie was great. I also agree with Trigger Happy about Gretsky.

        Again hope Russia goes for the gold, hey there is a reason Russian players get the big money playing for the NHL.


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          It is too easy to blame Gretsky!

          If he gathered young players and his team lost so he was blamed that he didn’t invited experienced players…

          So do not hurry up to criticize Gretsky...

          To the point, the Russian commentators drew attention that the Canadians played not roughly.


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            Both teams showed excellent game! Even disease couldn't prevent me from watching this excellent game!
            It's a pity it was not final game...
            If you fire a rifle at the past, the future will fire a cannon at you.....


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