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    Greetings All,

    Another quick question. How large was the Soviet Stavka High Command during WW2.

    About how many people were within the organization? and were they all located in Moscow?

    Also, if anyone can find it, a basic breakdown of the different sub-divisions within Stavka would be the Planning department, Manpower, Mapping and so on.

    Thanks for any help on this


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    Will help maybe
    If you fire a rifle at the past, the future will fire a cannon at you.....


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      Greetings Alex,

      Thanks for the link....looks good. I will dig into it.



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        A simple answer: for all practical purposes Stavka was just Stalin and not more than a dozen of his advisors. There was no internal organization and sub-division and almost no formal regulations. You can view it a sort of military council. There was a more formally organized apparatus of the People's Commissariat for Defense and Red Army's General Staff which was employed for purposes of command and control.


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          Also an earlier topic here:


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            Thanks Art for the info.

            I wasn't very clear, I knew Stavka was a small group....but I was thinking about what related body/organization translated Stavka orders into military action? Was it People's Commissariat for Defense (NKO) or the General Staff, or maybe both?



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              Directives/orders were composed or written down by Stavka members and encoded and transmitted by the General Staff and its signal center. Situation reports from fronts were received and processed by the GS Operations Directorate. Its officers were giving Stalin a daily briefings on situation. There were also direct communications between Stalin and fronts or Stavka's representatives via telegraph/telephone. Sub-divisions of the People's Commissariat for Defense other than GS were dealing with such subjects as organizations, personnel, training, procurement, supply of all kind of material, training, morale and political indoctrination etc. The total size of the PCD central apparatus was easily comparable to a normal division.


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                So the basic outline looked something like this...

                General Staff (VGK?)
                People's Commissariat for Defense (NKO)
                Sub Units of PCD

                In total 10,000 to15,000 people?


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                  Red Army's General Staff was one of the sub-units of the People's Commissariat for Defense. See an organizational scheme described here:
                  In May 1943 the strength of the PCD central apparatus was almost 10 000 men:
                  You should also remember about a separate command apparatus of the Soviet Navy and the NKVD forces. Stavka was only introduced in June 1941 (well, it actually existed for several months during the Finnish War) and it was supposed to be a supreme military council of top military and civil figures which was in command of military operations. Its power and operation were never strictly formalized, but you can safely consider it as a top level of military hierarchy.


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                    OK Great...I see that NKO had 9,772 people in 43.

                    So the flow of orders (in general) was:

                    General Staff
                    Sub units

                    Thanks once again for the clarification and your help.



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