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Armored Trains on the Eastern Front

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  • Armored Trains on the Eastern Front

    I have long been interested in armored train combat operations including cooperation with other arms, particularly: cavalry, armor and panzer grenadiers. I have read all of the available research in English on Polish, German and Soviet Armored trains. Each of those authors, does a fine job, if the reader is only interested in the hardware, the trains, tracks, maintenance, types of trains etcettera.
    I have also read about the historical use of armored trains from the: War Between the States, the Boer War, small wars and insurrections, and through W1, the wars in-between, WW2, and Indochina. However, very little ink in all the books that I have read is devoted to armored train combat tactics, operational art, strategy, combat logistics, and intelligence (enemy rr threats in the planned combat area, rr nets, tunnels, fortified zones, depots, railheads, ect.)

    Only one American publishing company,, has provided a book about armored train combat and maneuver. It is an introductory ebook , but it is fascinating. Since I have heard that Quikmaneuvers is bringing out a more in-depth book on armored train tactics, and a number of other subjects that interest me, like ski troops in winter combat, and the W2 NKVD "Army," I visit the Quikmaneuvers' site daily.

    In the meantime, I am seeking any and all information on Eastern Front battles and campaigns that featured armored trains. I don't look on armored trains as a baseball collector would baseball trivia, neither do i see them as "glass jawed."

    I am interested in the tactics, operational art and strategy of multiple armored trains maneuvering over vast spaces (the WW2 eastern front). The WW2 pictures of armored train infantry dashing forward to attack, supported by the machine guns, mortars and arty found on armored trains, seems exciting. How did they train and fight...but mainly I am interested in the armored train combat leaders, their maneuvers and battle outcomes (in some detail),

    So if there are any members of this site who share deep knowledge and interest in this aspect of Ost Front armored train warfighting, lets talk.

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