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You may buy some Soviet WWII-time weapon

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    Kick ass!
    "To be defeated and not submit, is victory; to be victorious and rest on one's laurels, is defeat."
    --Marshal Józef Piłsudski


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      Oh woe, I'd have to sell my motorcycles, maybe even all of them, before I would ever be allowed to buy a T-34. I'm sure the tank would be a lot more fun in traffic, though I'm just as sure it gets really poor mileage. I wonder how much my insurance company would want for collision coverage?

      I still want one.

      Scott Fraser
      Ignorance is not the lack of knowledge. It is the refusal to learn.

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        Do you really need collision coverage for a 29 ton tank? I doubt there's anything on the road that could even scratch you, unless your neighbor just bought a Panther.
        "Artillery lends dignity to what might otherwise be a vulgar brawl." - Frederick the Great


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          Originally posted by JD Morelock View Post
          As a compromise, a recommendation was submitted to Alexander III to adopt Mosin's basic rifle design but with Nagant's feed system. In reality, Nagant's contribution may have been only the design of the magazine follower (and possibly the bolt and the charger clip).

          The Czar approved this final design and it was formally adopted as "7.62mm magazinnaya vintovka sistemi Mosina obrazets 1891-ogo goda" (note: "Nagant" does not appear anywhere in the official designation). However, in the West, it has been always called the 'Mosin Nagant' and I suspect it likely always will.
          Sorry, but more corrections.
          Initially it was called :
          «Трехлинейная винтовка образца 1891 года»
          «Тrehlinejnaja vintovka obrazca 1891 goda»
          (in short "трехлинейка" - trexlinejka.) ,
          because Mosin had used french Lebel rifle as a prototype of his rifle.
          Mosin's name started to appear in the rifle identification much later
          in soviet period.

          The rifle was a team work.
          Bolt and extractor ( отсечкa-отражатель - consider the main Mosin's accomplishment ) - Mosin

          ## 7 and 8.

          Ammo and barrel - Colonel Rogovtsev,
          Colonel Petrov and Capitan ("штабс-капитан") Savostianov.

          Info is in Russian :

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            Originally posted by Slava45 View Post
            Where can i purchase a Maximka(spelling?) ??
            I want to buy one of each on that list but my government thinks that if i have a t-34 i will rob a bank or try to blow up the president, so theyre going to either charge me 1,000,000.00$ or let me buy it then throw me in jail, confiscate the tank and use it for target practice for their m1 abrahams tanks.
            So instead i got this just recently
            Here are pictures. [/IMG]

            Now here is one freedom we have in the UK that you guys dont....

            Tanks are road legal
            Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we may become.


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              So you can own tanks but not automatic weapons?
              "Artillery lends dignity to what might otherwise be a vulgar brawl." - Frederick the Great


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                Yep, well theoretically in Sweden you can own a automatic weapon, but the paper work would scare even a hardened Russian bureaucrat.
                “For there is nothing more serious than a lunatic when he comes to the central point of his lunacy.”

                Max Sterner


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                  Originally posted by Andrey View Post
                  Nagant - a famous type of Revolver, it is not related to rifle.

                  Mosin is a famous Russian/Soviet rifle of WWI - Civil War - WWII.

                  And I suppose that all is working...
                  This may help.

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