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The 62nd Army & Stalingrad

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    If I may suggest, you might also look into David Glantz's Armageddon in Stalingrad (Lawrence, KS, U Press of Kansas, 2009 ISBN: 9780700616640). It is huge and pricey, but includes some specific strength figures and organizations for the fighting in the city during October - November 1942, including some of the 'ad hoc' groups that were thrown together. There are also a lot of details for the strengths of the German units opposing the 62nd Army, which is always handy for any reconstruction.

    Especially in the intense fighting in Stalingrad, a lot of the 'formal' organization tables were pretty much modified out of existence on the battlefield: the actual fighting groups were whatever was left of a brigade, division or regiment without much attention to what the sub-groups were supposed to be, since many of them on both sides were wiped out in the course of the fighting.


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