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130-136 Guards Rifle Division Search?

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  • 130-136 Guards Rifle Division Search?

    This is for our russian friends who can request the search through the archives.

    Igor' Ivlev from the site a long time ago mentioned that in addition to the 1-129-ya Guards Rifle Divisions formed through the end of 1945 (119 before the war ended and another 10 in the remainder of 1945) he has seen mention of the 130th through the 136th Guards Rifle Divisions.

    Is it possible they were formed? Can you check, please?



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    Hi Craig,

    I looked over my three main sources for information about Guards Rifle Divisions.

    Soviet order of battle Volume IV “Red Guards” by Sharp
    The Red army Order of Battle by Poirier & Conner
    The Order of Battle of the Soviet Army (BSSA) Distributed by east view publications

    I was not able to find any listings for Guards Rifle divisions numbered greater than #129. It is possible that some regular army units were granted Guards status after the war ended.

    Note: According to Sharp (Volume IV page 35), only a total of 119 Guards Rifle divisions were formed by June 1945.

    If Guards Rifle divisions #130 - 136 were formed, they may have never seen battle as Guards units in an active army.

    I hope this helps,



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      Your correct. Nothing higher than No. 129 was designated during the war. The gaps in the numbers were filled out during the remainder of 1945.

      Tomorrow I will post the list of the Divisions and their Guards designations.



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        Here are the Guards Rifle Divisions I know of and not covered by Sharp (with one correction):

        103rd Guards Rifle Division (from 13th Guards Airborne Division (correction))
        111th Guards Rifle Division (from 4 Guards Abn Division)
        112th Guards Rifle Division (from 5th Guards Abn Division)
        113th Guards Rifle Division (from 6th Guards Abn Division)
        115th Guards Rifle Division (from 7th Guards Abn Division)
        116th Guards Rifle Division (from 9th Guards Abn Division)
        123rd Guards Rifle Division (from 8th Guards Abn Division)
        124th Guards Rifle Division (from 1st Guards Abn Division)
        125th Guards Rifle Division (from 3rd Guards Abn Division)
        126th Guards Rifle Division (from 10th Guards Abn Division)
        127th Guards Rifle Division (from 2nd Guards Abn Division)

        The 124th, 125th, 126th and 127th were changed in November 1945 while the rest were by the end of December 1945.



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          Hi Craig,

          This is interesting information. It would appear that the Soviet Army was changing their Airborne Divisions into basic Guards Rifle Divisions after the war in Europe. This would indicate a clear shift in force structure. I can understand why they would want to designate highly trained airborne troops as Guards units, but why form new Rifle units after the fighting was over? In addition, if the missing Guards Rifle Divisions #130- 136 that you are looking for were real, then it would indicate the formation of even more Guards units.

          Can anyone else help with these questions?



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            Craig, you know, I can't research archives now
            If you fire a rifle at the past, the future will fire a cannon at you.....


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              Just when you get a chance. Or if you know anyone going there or requesting material to view in Moskva.



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                Originally posted by Konev

                Just when you get a chance. Or if you know anyone going there or requesting material to view in Moskva.

                I know your trobules, Craig, but my business doesn't permit me to start my own research in archives 8(
                And until now I can't find any stable contact with persons who have access there 8(((((((
                If you fire a rifle at the past, the future will fire a cannon at you.....


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