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Indirect Light Artillery Fire?

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    Originally posted by Artyom_A View Post
    The divisional artillery regiment usually consisted of three artillery mixed battalions, each having a battery of 122-mm howitzers and batteries of 76-mm guns. Normally each of those battalions would be supporting one infantry regiment, that is what American manuals called "direct support". Note that "direct" here doesn't mean "direct fire". That could be a source of confusion. The picture appear from many of sources that in most cases indirect fire was employed by organic divisional artillery both in defense and offensive and apparently tactical employment of howitzer and cannon batteries was mostly the same. On the other hand plenty of AT units were equipped with the same USV or ZiS-3 guns. Yet the guns were the same they didn't have necessary signal or control elements to be employed in the same way as divisional artillery, so they were used in a more specifically "direct fire" roles.
    Many tanks for your expert clarification.
    BTW Do you know anything about "antitank artillery fire boxes"?

    I have read that special tactics was used to counter enemy Armour by focusing corps or divisional artillery fire on to a small area "fire boxes" (?) either directly on the moving Armour or just in front of them. How was this actually conducted and what type of ammunition was used? I mean what made it differ from normal artillery fire as it was referred as a specific type of fire mission/tactic?

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