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Russia's War-Blood Upon The Snow...Any Good?

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  • Slim Fan
    Originally posted by R. Evans View Post
    My knowledge about the Eastern Front is superficial at best so is this documentary a good starting point or should I look elsewhere.
    It depends what you are looking for with regard to 'the Eastern Front': combat operations, the Soviet perspective, the German perspective, books, documentaries?
    The documentary series you cite, on which Richard Overy was a consultant, was the basis of Overy's book, Russia's War. If you are looking for an account of combat operations during the war, you will probable find this series to be something of a disappointment since it deals with events largely from the Soviet perspective, lacks detail and contains errors. Yet as an overview of the impact of the war on the Soviet people, and more specifically as an account of the impact on the Soviet people of Stalin's actions and decisions from 1928 until his death, it is much more impressive. There is, however, a lack of emphasis on the positive achievements, of Stalin's policies, in particular of the leap forward in industrialisation during the 1930s, without which the Soviet Union would probably not have survived the war. Of Stalin's complex character, the series tends to focus heavily on the psychopathic aspects (the dishonest, power hungry, paranoid and immensely callous Stalin), though it is perhaps more balanced in dealing with Stalin's complex and paradoxical relationship with the Soviet people.
    I'm not aware of any equivalent Soviet documentary series dealing with the Great Patriotic War that has English subtitles. There is an American series 'The Unknown War' but it is from the '80s, difficult to obtain and also contains errors of fact. Perhaps the best English language documentary is the BBC production, War of the Century, but it is less than three and a half hours long and the editors have had to be highly selective about what to include.
    There are, of course, numerous documentary programmes that deal with specific aspect of the war on the Eastern Front, particularly Stalingrad, and once you have a grasp of the ebb and flow of events overall, they can be useful.
    My personal recommendation - books. If you want to learn about what happened, books over documentaries every time.

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  • R. Evans
    started a topic Russia's War-Blood Upon The Snow...Any Good?

    Russia's War-Blood Upon The Snow...Any Good?

    Just started watching Russia's War-Blood Upon The Snow on Youtube. It's broken down into 10 parts. So far I'm liking it but I got to wondering how our resident experts on the RKKA here at ACG felt about it. My knowledge about the Eastern Front is superficial at best so is this documentary a good starting point or should I look elsewhere. Keep in mind I don't speak Russian, so that's one avenue that's closed although subtitles don't bother me at all.

    Any thoughts? Recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.

    The 1st installment of the series:

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