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Good places to visit in Russia?

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    Hello all, just joined....I have been on a few military tours to Russia (6 times in all). here are the things to see (I'll do it by city):

    Central Naval Museum:A must see, one of my favorites.
    Submarine Museum: Old WWII sub, i forget the number, worth a walk around.
    Aurora: I was able to have dinner twice with Admiral Lev Chernavin, head of the Aurora Museum and ship, a super guy, great visits. Stay in the St.Petersburg hotel right across from it.
    Church of the Spilt Blood: Visit the market for some military pic ups ( don't look for marshals uniforms, but nice little items to take home).
    Smolny Musuem: Not easy to get into, but a little museum on the WWII siege
    Piskarovskoye (sp?): Amazing display of the suffering of the city
    Baltic Fleet Museum: On Khronsdat, small but nice
    Trench Lines: outside the city, still intact if a bit overgrown

    Central Armed Forces Museum: Great, changing displays, amazing colelction of unit flags
    WWII Museum on Polknaya (sp?) Hill: Dark inside, but really nice displays.
    Zhukov Museum: Inside General Staff HQ; if you can get in, its terrific.
    KGB Museum: Used to be difficult to get into, now its pretty easy.
    Border Troops Museum: Little Known, but really great. Usually not easy to get into.
    Museum of Militay Uniforms: took me years to get in; got in in 2002; examples of every uniform of the USSR inside, including some prototype Stalin uniforms
    Monino Air Force Museum: Great walk around, but never seems to change.There is another air field museum...i foget the name, but they were cutting up airplanes last time i was there and we took parts home..
    Kubinka: used to be tough to get into ( back in 1998 it was; but we got to ride on a T-34 through the mud and then have lunch with the officers)now its becoming more touristy, with bus parking and a ticket booth!
    Star City: ok, its a space museum / complex, but really neat.

    I am sure there is more in moscow, just can't remember right now.

    WWII museum: nice, though some odd displays
    Afgan war museum: get to sit in an Mi-24!
    Border Troops Museum: smaller than the one in moscow, but worth a drop in

    Battle Museum in the city: Ok, not ver impresssive

    Battle Museum: small but well done
    Rokosovsky HQ: underground, still set up, neat.

    Battle Musuem: really well done, though the flour mill is just incredible

    The battlefield itself: amazing,we found everything back in 1998 still on those fields, but much less in 2002.

    Black Sea Fleet Museum: small, ok, like a little cental naval museum
    WWII museum: well done, on a hill overlooking the charge of the light brigade scene

    I know I am leaving stuff out, but Ill add more when i think of it.


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      Hello all, just joined....
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