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Tigers in the Red Army. Episode

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  • Tigers in the Red Army. Episode


    As for several times I was asked a question about Tigers in the Red Army I pay attention to publications about this rare fact.
    Some time ago Yuri Pasholok found an interesting archival document

    In brief.
    5 Tigers and 2 Panthers were used by the 51st Separate Motorcycle Regiment.
    This regiment used them (including usage vs. German Tigers (sic!) ) in Sandomierz operation. Pochapy (sp?) area.
    2 German Tigers and 5 SP guns were knocked out. Claimed 2900 KIA and 370 POWs. No losses among Soviet Tigers. 7 T-34-85 burnt, 1 damaged
    They were very angry Russian bikers

    document copy:

    ЦАМО РФ, фонд 323, опись 4756, дело №41, стр.5

    ЦАМО РФ, фонд 323, опись 4756, дело №41, стр.22
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    Excellent and informative post !

    I was always wondering what the soviet army did with such big item captured weapons.


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      As in all armies, it depended on the unit and the higher command. Frequently, units simply didn't tell anybody that they had captured enemy equipment, and used it until it broke down without higher HQ being any the wiser. For example, 8th Tank Brigade in late October 1941 had 5 captured tanks from 1st Panzer Division that they never reported to higher HQ, and 1st Panzer never reported losing! 8th Tank Brigade used them for a little over a week until they couldn't keep them operating any more (no spare parts, no ammunition for their weapons). On the other side, 1st Panzer Division had a battalion of 76.2mm Soviet divisional guns in 1942, plus a company of T-34s that never appeared in their order of battle.
      78th Tank Brigade also had 2 Tigers that they did report using in 1944, and 38th Amy in the Carpathian Mountains in 1944 had a platoon of Panther tanks that they used as part of the 'army reserve' - there' a photograph that has appeared in several Soviet-era publications of the tanks with green painted over the German markings and red stars added to the turrets.
      The Soviet armies officially had 'trophy' (captured) weapons units in several of the armies, the largest that I know of being a tank battalion in 18th Army in late 1944 that was formed out of equipment captured from the Hungarians. In addition to those official units, though, there were undoubtedly a lot of German vehicles and equipment running under the Red Flag that no one officially eve4r knew about, just as a lot of Soviet tanks and weapons ended up in Wehrmacht units on the other side.
      My favorite of all the 'captured weapons units' so far was the 1995th Antiaircraft Regiment in the 68th Antiaircraft Division, that was equipped with German 88mm antiaircraft guns, and got a chance to use them in the direct fire mode shooting up a German tank column in late 1944 - the Germans involved must have felt very much as did the Germans hit by the 51st Motorcycle's Tigers!


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        Did'nt Russia also use some of the Panthers captured after Kursk and then again used a few as a deception for Bagration?

        Cheers, then I think there is a video of a Russian Panther moving out of a forest and into a clearing on a dirt road. Then a German AT gun takes it out, saw it a year or so ago I think??



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