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Baku oil fields

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  • Baku oil fields

    I read that during 1942 Soviet Union evacuated workforce and sealed off some of the wells in Baku. However, I cannot find any more information about this. What does "sealed off" mean? To what extend did the evacuations go?
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    Good question.

    I have been looking for references concerning your question, but I haven’t found anything yet.

    I knew the Soviets were prepared to destroy the Baku oil facilities but did not know they sealed some wells.

    The basic idea of sealing off an oil well is that you pour concrete down the pipe. In effect you plug the well, and would need to drill out the concrete or drill another well to gain access to the oil again, crude but effective. You can also add chunks of metal to the concrete, making the job much harder.

    The Dutch/British did the same thing during the war in the Pacific when the Japanese were about to take over the oil fields of South East Asia.


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