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  • Dann Falk
    Well, I found a library 150 miles from me that has Voenno-meditsinskii least that is what Worldcat says. Now I need to find out of our local library can do inter library loan...or maybe pay them for a copy.

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  • Dann Falk
    Great, thanks for the info.....I will start looking.

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  • Kardon
    There are various libraries around the U.S. that have copies of Voenno-meditsinskii zhurnal in microform. If you search you might find one near you.

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  • Dann Falk
    started a topic Soviet medical Articles

    Soviet medical Articles

    Is it possible our Russian friends can find and post any of these articles?

    All I can find are the names, they might make interesting reading.


    [The price of careless planning (from the experience in organizing medical support for the 7th Guards' Army in the Kirovograd offensive operation)].
    [Article in Russian]
    Voĭtenko MF. PMID: 2188418

    [Medical support for the Soviet troops in the Kursk offensive operation].
    Lobastov OS, Golosov BA.
    Voen Med Zh. 1988 Jul;(7):11-5. Russian.

    [Medical support of the battle of Kursk].
    Grin' VA. Voen Med Zh. 1980 Apr;(4):21-6. Russian.

    [Organization of medical services in the 7th Guard Army in the Belgorod-Kharkov offensive (on the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk)].
    Voĭtenko MF. Voen Med Zh. 1983 Aug;(8):16-20. Russian.

    [Experience with medical support in the battle of Kursk].
    Evlanov LS. Voen Med Zh. 1975 Mar;(3):14-6. Russian

    Voen Med Zh. 1983 Oct;(10):64-6.
    [Medical provisions for the 25th Order of the Red Banner Guards' Sinel'nikov Infantry Division in the Budapest offensive operation].
    [Article in Russian] Bogatyrev MF.

    [Characteristics of the medical support for the 64th Army during the destruction of the encircled enemy troops at Stalingrad].
    [Article in Russian]
    Voĭtenko MF. PMID: 3326259

    [Organization of medical support for the 64th Army during its advance from its Stalingrad position to a new combat operations position].
    Voĭtenko MF.
    Voen Med Zh. 1984 Feb;(2):69-71. Russian.

    [Organisation of treatment-evacuation arrangements in troops in the course of Stalingrad defense (to the 65th anniversary of Stalingrad battle].
    Shelepov AM, Kotenko PK, Val'skiĭ VV, Sokurov AV.
    Voen Med Zh. 2008 Feb;329(2):72-4. Russian.

    [Organizational and procedural forms and methods of epidemic control in the battles at the Stalingrad (Don) front in 1942-1943].
    Agafonov VI, Tararin RA.
    Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol. 1975 May;(5):6-10. Russian.

    [Experience with evacuation of the wounded in makeshift trains during the Stalingrad battle].
    Ivan'kovich FA. Voen Med Zh. 1983 Feb;(2):68-70. Russian.

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