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    Hi all

    Just been reading "Demolishing the Myth" by Valyeri Samulin. Brilliant book!!!

    There is reference to a 'defensive switch' constructed by engineers on the Voronezh Front. Has anybody out there any idea what this is or how it is constructed or how it works?



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    He is referring to a 'defensive switch line', which is a defensive line designed to allow the defender's forces to change or switch the direction of the defense - for example, to change from defending against a frontal advance to defending against a lateral thrust from an enemy breakthrough on your flank. Such fortified lines 'perpendicular' to the line of defense are a requirement against a mobile enemy, and for all the digging that was done preparing the Kursk area in the spring of 1943, the Soviet command felt that it did not have anywhere near enough 'switch lines' ready when the Germans attacked.


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      I am also reading Demolishing the Myth.

      I was surprised to learn the 7GA was lacking in Switch Lines. Not sure why...they had enough time to build them.

      Anyway, this failure in building proper defensive positions is what allowed Army Group Kempf to turn North, and drive towards Prochorovka, between the main defensive lines of the 7GA.


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