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More Suicide Bombings in Pakistan

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  • More Suicide Bombings in Pakistan

    Pakistan has been rocked by several suicide bomb attacks in the last few days, targeted against Shiite demonstrations, which left over one hundred people dead. The Taliban has claimed credit for these attacks, but the Taliban claims credit for pretty much all attacks of this sort in the region. If it were the Taliban, it wouldn’t be a departure from previous behavior. I wrote about a series of Taliban attacks on other religious sects in Pakistan last July (link here).

    But as to the current attacks, it is far from certain the Taliban are actually responsible. Here is a link to an analysis piece in the Tehran Times. I’m not convinced its conclusions are right, but the article itself gives a really eye-opening view of just how complicated and tangled the politics of insurgency in northwest Pakistan have become. It’s also a good insight into what the Iranians think of the Taliban – not much.


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