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Afghan Security Forces Not Ready For Prime Time

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  • Afghan Security Forces Not Ready For Prime Time

    It turns out the Afghan security forces are not nearly as capable as some sources in the army have suggested. In fact, their readiness and proficiency bring to mind President Lyndon Johnson’s assessment of the abilities of the Organization of American States way back in the 1960s, when the world was younger.

    “The OAS,” President Johnson said, “couldn’t pour **** out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.”

    I donít believe President Johnson is sufficiently appreciated for his earthy eloquence.

    As for the Afghan security forces, once the special inspector general’s report hit the streets, the poop started hitting the propeller. Not only are they poorly trained and equipped, there is a shortage of US instructors and mentors, and the logistical system is rendered ineffective by corruption. (Now that last one is a real shocker.) More troubling, the Army has consistently overstated the security forces’ capabilities and underplayed their shortcomings.

    These are the guys we are supposed to start turning the war over to in exactly twelve months.

    Here’s a link to the Washington Post article.

    Here’s the McClatchy article.

    Here’s the L.A. Times article.

    Here’s the New York Times article.


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