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Say Goodbye to the B1 Bomber

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  • Say Goodbye to the B1 Bomber

    The B-1 “Bone” is probably reaching the end of its service life, while the B-52 fleet will soldier on, despite the fact that the airframe age of a lot of those bombers is older than the men flying them. The reason is an interesting blend of budgetary politics, a changing world political order, and Air Force leadership trying (for a change) to get out ahead of the budget decision-making cycle.

    Here’s a link to an article with a pretty good take on the background to the decision.


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    We don't need this overpriced pig anymore.

    From Boeing's website:

    Based on the B-1A bomber, the B-1B was developed by Rockwell International in the 1980s, when 100 of the aircraft were produced to support a nuclear mission and were stationed at Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases.

    The B52's and other less expensive aircraft to maintain can complete the mission of dropping high volumes of conventional weapons.
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