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Shape-Shifting Rotor Blades Coming Soon

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  • Shape-Shifting Rotor Blades Coming Soon

    No, we’re not taking about lycanthropic aviation, but if you like hard science out on the edge of science fiction, this new morphing rotor blade technology developed by DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is pretty cool, and long over-due. We haven’t had a serious advance in rotor technology since – well, I can’t think of when, unless you count the fact that the new Sikorsky rotors on the Blackhawk don’t go “wup-wup-wup-wup” like the rotors on the Bell Hueys always did. (I kinda miss that.)

    DARPA is tasked with finding really out-there weird science stuff and bringing it into the factory where it can do some good. Does that sound like a great job or what? Here’s a link to what they’re working on for rotors.


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