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Iran, Uranium, and Sanctions ? Not Taking Yes for an Answer

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  • Iran, Uranium, and Sanctions ? Not Taking Yes for an Answer

    There’s been a lot of frustration on all sides in negotiations over Iranian uranium enrichment, in part because everyone is suspicious of the motives of their opponents.

    U.S. intelligence has determined that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, and the Iranian Mullahs have issued repeated assurances that it has no intention to start one, but we are suspicious. Russia and China want to constructively engage the Iranians rather than bully them, but they are also major trading partners with Iran, and so we donít trust their motives.

    We want Iran to come clean on its enrichment program and its nuclear power generation program, but Iran does not trust us. They don’t believe that detailed targeting information from inspections will not be made available to Israel, who will then use that as the basis for military strikes against the Iranian nuclear power facilities.

    Awhile back we brokered a deal where Iran would ship its uranium to France to be enriched, but that deal fell through, in part because Iran was suspicious of a country as close to the US as is France. (No, that is not a joke.)

    As a result, the US began two different approaches to solving the problem. It gave the go-ahead for Turkey and Brazil to negotiate the same deal with Iran, in the hopes that Iran would be more open on dealing with two countries not in the G8/NATO club. At the same time the US stepped up efforts to get Russia and China to agree to tougher ...


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