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    I know I’m dating myself here, but I vividly recall when the M-1 Abrams first started rolling off the assembly line and folks suffered from enormous sticker shock at its price tag one million dollars! For only one tank! Geraldo Rivera was, as I recall, scandalized.

    I remembered this because I was just reading about the Tank Urban Survival Kit (TUSK), which is a set of upgrades for the M-1 designed to better enable it to fight and survive in an urban combat environment, all of which can be added to the vehicle in the field. Cost of each TUSK package? One million dollars.

    You know your vehicle is a classic when you pay as much for a customizing package as you did for the original vehicle “back in the day,” and in both cases consider the money well spent.

    The package includes a host of real common-sense upgrades, such as better all-around sensors, belly armor to give the crew better protection from IEDs and large mines, a remote control option on the tank commander’s machine gun mount so he can fire it buttoned up, etc. One which struck me was the addition of an external telephone to enable dismounted infantry to talk to the tank crew via their intercom.

    That particular innovation was developed in June of 1944, in Normandy, and was a feature of US tanks throughout WW II and Korea. Why we got rid of it is a good question, but it’s sort of comforting to see it return.

    Here’s a really ...


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