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North Korea Severs Last Ties to South

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  • North Korea Severs Last Ties to South

    North Korea says it will sever what few ties remain with South Korea, in response to South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak redesignating communist Korea an “archenemy” of his country. Relations between the two countries have sunk to the lowest point in years, and international concerns are rising about where this is all headed.

    For background on the situation, see Frank Chadwick’s earlier blog, Korean Crisis Growing.


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    I guess my question is what did North Korea hope to gain by sinking the ROK ship? I guess my first reactions is that they appear to be acting like a two year old. Have a display of temper and maybe you'll get what you want. I find it hard to believe they really believe that this will help them get a seperate treaty with the USA and keep their nucs or is this suppose cause the ROK to revert to their past policies


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