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New Oil Separator Technology To Be Used in Gulf

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  • New Oil Separator Technology To Be Used in Gulf

    In 1989 the Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, resulting in the worst oil spill in US history at least up to that time. The spill affected millions of people, but at least one of them, a pretty wealthy guy who loved fishing, decided to do something about it. He bought large centrifuges from the federal government and began developing them as more efficient oil separators. Twenty years and 24 million dollars later, BP is ready to try the new separators on the spill in the Gulf.

    The name of the wealthy fisherman who put his own money into developing the technology? Kevin Costner.

    The largest centrifuge*from Ocean Therapy Solutions, Kostner’s company, cleans 200 gallons of oil-tainted water a minute, separating it into 97% pure water, which is returned to the ocean, and useable crude oil. Ocean Therapy Solutions demonstrated the machines to BP and local residents over the last few days and now, with the green light from BP, is ready to deploy twenty such machines in the Gulf.

    Here’s a link to the Christian Science Monitor covering Costner’s company and development of the separator.

    Here’s a link with more information and the news that BP as given go-ahead to deployment of the separators.

    As one online poster commented, if this works, Kostner is forgiven for Waterworld.

    But not for The Postman.


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    Farmers aren't going to charge 24 milliion of a ton of hay. It may after they sell a lot of it, but I still like this solution better.
    I am a simple man. I am by no means smarter than the average man. I am average...yet genius.


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