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Korean Crisis Growing

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  • Korean Crisis Growing

    On March 26 the South Korean frigate Cheonan was sunk in the Yellow with the loss of forty-six lives from its crew of 104. There has been speculation that the sinking was due to a North Korean attack. Now the findings of an international investigative panel are in and the evidence gathered looks overwhelming that the source was indeed a torpedo fired by a North Korean small submarine. Several such submarines, along with a mother ship, were at sea at the time and in the vicinity, and all other submarines by regional powers are accounted for. Here is a link to an article summarizing the evidence and the panel’s findings.

    The question today is, “Now what?” South Korea has promised stern action to force North Korea to admit its culpability. Well, “force” is perhaps too strong a word. South Korea will do everything possible, within the limitations of international diplomacy, to get North Korea to ‘fess up. I can’t imagine that having much effect. The North is already angrily denouncing the panel’s findings as “fabrications” and has threatened the nuclear annihilation of South Korea if sanctions are applied on the North.

    North Korea’s threats of nuclear annihilation are getting a little worn. Ever since they tested a warhead, frequent threats of nuclear annihilation have perhaps become the North’s way of reminding the world they are a member of the nuclear club and we all better treat them with respect. That is not to say we should dismiss these threats out of hand; ...


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