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  • Remember Afghanistan?

    Is there still a war going on there? You would hardly know it some times from the coverage. There is a good reason for that and it has nothing to do with political spin or bias Fox is as silent on the subject as is MSNBC. It has to do with a compelling narrative, or rather its absence.

    As a country we understand that everything is essentially a story, and we want to hear that story, not just a bunch of random, unrelated scenes. When the story starts looking as if it has no point, no clear resolution, or even any discernable plot, we lose interest and our eyes turn elsewhere for meaning. That’s what is happening in Afghanistan.

    I’m not just talking about the American public, by the way. It goes much deeper. The military is losing interest. For a while it looked as if this counter-insurgency stuff was the future of the armed forces, putting boots on the ground and keeping them there, providing security for fledgling democracies until they could stand on their own, providing counter-balance to forces of evil backed by other international players. Now, all that is starting to look fairly nave.

    Instead what we have is US troops still in Afghanistan nine years down the road. For those who say the American people have no patience with a long war, it might help to remember we’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for twice as long as we fought in World War II.

    We went to Afghanistan supposedly to fight ...


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    I heard Obama say on TV last year- "Our aim is not to defeat the Taliban, but to contain them and prevent them spreading their influence in the region"
    So it's not really a proper war at all because it has no ultimate objective, no wonder it's dragging on.