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North Korea Foundering?

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  • lakechampainer
    I'm reminded of the scene in The Godfather II when Michael is asked about the supposed ill health of Hyman Roth: He's been dying of the same heart attack for 20 years. This might go on for a long, long, time.

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  • Great History
    started a topic North Korea Foundering?

    North Korea Foundering?

    Last June I wrote a column some of you may remember called “North Korea: Peeing Blood On The Carpet.” The gist of the piece was that most of North Korea’s bad behavior was an effort to get global attention like a young puppy which pees on the carpet because negative attention is better than none at all. North Korea has suffered through over a decade of crippling famines which killed perhaps ten per cent of the population and its young generation five inches shorter, on average, than the same generation in South Korea. Foreign food aid became a source of rampant internal corruption and created a shadow free market economy which runs in tandem with the official state economy which in fact does not run at all. And with Kim Jong Il in poor health, the regime’s days seemed numbered.

    Eleven months later they still seem numbered, and the number looks to be a good deal smaller. Is a collapse imminent? Possibly. Here’s a link to a good analysis piece in The Diplomat.


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