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A Fight Brewing In Pakistan

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  • A Fight Brewing In Pakistan

    Regular readers may remember that back in January I ran a column (here’s a link) on how Pakistan had managed to screw up the strategic rationale of the Afghan surge. Our plan was to put a bunch of troops in and drive south and east to meet a Pakistani offensive against North and South Waziristan — classic hammer and anvil stuff. But then the Pakistanis decided they weren’t all that interested in running an offensive there this year. Oh well.

    Things have changed, however. Taliban militants are becoming active in Pakistan’s Swat Valley again, not that long after a major army offensive had “cleared” it. North Waziristan has become a major center for a whole mess of militant groups which are, to a greater or lesser extent Taliban-esque, and which are beginning to work together. The Pakistani government is waking up to the real danger all these guys will coalesce into something approaching a mass movement, and Pakistan may be its target. The days when Pakistan can safely partition off the fighting in Afghanistan from violence in Pakistan is probably over.

    The result? Pakistan has announced it will launch a major offensive aimed at suppressing many of these militant groups in North Waziristan later this year. That’s pretty big news. I’m reluctant to say it is unambiguously good news. Pakistan is about to kick the hornets’ nest, and while the hornets’ nest may need kicking, let’s see what actually happens before we start holding victory celebrations.

    Here’s a link to an article on the ...


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