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    “Amateurs discuss tactics,” British Field Marshall Archibald Wavell once said. “Professionals discuss logistics.”

    Well. . .

    I’ve actually known a lot of professionals who preferred talking about tactics to logistics. Logistics are important, but the subject is kind of boring unless you’re really into it. Wavell was really into it, but to be honest I’m not sure Wavell was all that interesting a guy to hang out with. Kind of like a civil engineer at a party who won’t talk about anything but sewers. I mean, I get it, sewers are really, really important to the survival of modern cities and all that, but haven’t you ever built a way-cool bridge?

    That having been said, U.S. Army logisticians are in the process of building a way-cool bridge from Iraq to Afghanistan. As the mission in Iraq winds down, we have acres of vehicles and mountains of materiel no longer needed there and absolutely needed for the build-up in Afghanistan. Moving them from one place to the other, and getting them there when we need them, is no small matter. Here’s a link to a good article on the subject.

    On thing interesting about this move not directly mentioned in the article is the logistical advantage we have which previous campaigners in Afghanistan did not. There are two routes into Afghanistan, the Khyber Pass from the south and the northern route through Uzbekistan. Unique among foreign powers trying to make sense of this place, and do so with armed force, we have the use of ...


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