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Michigan Terrorist Plot Foiled

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  • Michigan Terrorist Plot Foiled

    While Moscow was rocked by a successful suicide bomb attack, U.S. law enforcement officials foiled an alleged terrorist bomb plot by a Michigan-based right-wing Christian militia called Hutaree. The plan was to kill a Michigan state police officer and then, when law enforcement officials from all across Michigan and the surrounding states arrived to attend the funeral, kill as many as possible with an improvised explosive device.

    Why? The Hutaree view the United States as in the grip of “The Beast,” and by extension all local, state, and federal employees, particularly law enforcement officials, are members of an evil “brotherhood” which must be attacked as part of the armed struggle against the U.S. Government.

    A series of joint FBI, state and local law enforcement raids in three states led to the arrest of eight of the nine alleged conspirators. One is still on the run, but hopefully will be brought into custody soon.

    Good job, guys.

    Here’s a link to a Fox News story on the raids.

    Here’s a link to the Hutaree Christian Militia’s web page. Parts of it are already down, and all of it may be soon, but if possible it’s worth seeing directly what these people actually believe and want to do.


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