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New Strategic Arms Control Agreement

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  • New Strategic Arms Control Agreement

    The U.S. and Russia have reached agreement on a new treaty to mutually reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Presidents Obama and Medvedev are scheduled to sign the new Start (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) on April 8, and it’s likely to have bipartisan support in the Senate and achieve speedy confirmation. Here are two links with reactions to the announcement.

    Voice of America

    Arms Control Center

    The U.S. and Russia between them hold 95% of all nuclear weapons in the world. Maintaining those weapons is a big expense, and keeping them out of the wrong hands is a constant worry. This deal significantly reduces the total number of nuclear weapons in the world and increases our security. Anything that leaves fewer Russian warheads lying around to be stolen increases everyone’s security.

    The agreement hasn’t been easy, especially since the negotiations*took place at the same time as the health reform debate and negotiations. The deal nearly came apart when the Russians tried to wring more concessions from the Obama administration, believing setbacks on healthcare had weakened the president’s hand and resolve. That turned out to be a miscalculation which nearly derailed the process, but in the end the deal held without the concessions. For a look at the ins and outs of the negotiations, see this link.


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    I'd like to see the nuclear powers work towards eliminating multiple warhead missiles. This would be a big step towards a safer world.


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