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Potential Rivals For The Raptor and Joint Strike Fighter

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  • Potential Rivals For The Raptor and Joint Strike Fighter

    In previous blogs I’ve talked about the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and funding decisions on their development and procurement. Here are some links to articles on the two potential rivals to these aircraft, one in development by the Chinese and one in joint development by Russia and India.

    First, here’s a link to a rundown on the Russian program. It’s a good article, but take a look at the comments as well for a very informed and informative debate. I donít agree with all of it, and you may or may not either, but so what? Thoughtful people get to disagree.

    Next, here are two articles about the Chinese project. It’s a little further down the road, so trying to foresee what the aircraft will look like has a lot to do with how the predictor views China. The China Brief piece has some nice survey results from Global Times on what Chinese readers think about China’s aerospace needs and priorities.

    Chine Brief

    Flight Global


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