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Iran Caught Between Two Fires

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  • Iran Caught Between Two Fires

    There once was a lady from Niger
    Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.
    At the end of the ride,
    ********** She was inside,
    And the smile graced the face of the tiger.

    As we’ve talked about here before, Iran has lavished considerable time and resources on dealing with the rising tide of unrest represented by the Green Movement. Central to suppressing the Green Movement has been the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has gained new powers and considerable technological resources to enable it to support the regime. But those assets may also make it able to supplant the regime.

    Is the government in Tehran riding a tiger?

    The United States government thinks so, as Secretary of State Clinton made clear in a speech in Qatar Monday. Iran may be in the grip of a “creeping coup” by the Guard Corps, one which the central government is blinded to by its preoccupation with the protest movement. If so, Iran is in for some bad times.

    Here is a report on Clinton’s speech.


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