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  • What's Up With Iran?

    The long-planned, long-anticipated mass protests against the Tehran regime by Green Movement activists on the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution (February 11) were smothered almost before they started. The government combined very robust security forces with tens of thousands of trucked-in pro-government demonstrators who preempted many of the planned protest venues. A near-total media blackout means it will be a while before we have a handle on how violent the repression was, but it’s effects are clear. Here are two links.

    Wall Street Journal

    The Times

    While all this was going on, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadieajad announced that Iran had begun enriching its stocks of 3.5% enriched uranium to the 20% enrichment level needed to fuel Iran’s medical nuclear reactor and produce medical isotopes. The US government has expressed skepticism that Iran even has the technical capacity to enrich to the 20% level (let alone the 80-95% needed for a nuclear weapon). Here are two links, the Reuters link with a technical overview. It is certain they do not have the capability to convert the enriched uranium into fuel rods, so it’s going to be a while that medical reactor comes on line, at least with this fuel.

    Global Security News


    So far, every claim Iran has made about it’s nuclear capability and program has turned out to be true. So why would they lie about this?

    Why indeed?

    In life — any comedian will tell you — timing is everything. The timing of the announcement, two days before the anticipated demonstrations, was significant. The provocative ...


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