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    In one of my more whimsical moods, I imagine that there is a room somewhere deep beneath the pentagon in which are imprisoned about a dozen lieutenant colonels from the various armed services. They are not allowed to read newspapers, watch television news, or surf the internet, so their perspective on events will be completely untainted by reality. Their sole task is to write the Quadrennial Defense Review.

    Every time they write a simple declarative sentence devoid of defense-speak buzzwords, they receive an electric shock.

    The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) is a Congressionally-mandated public statement of defense policy. Ideally, it will give some indication of overall defense spending goals for the following four years and, unless it is a complete exercise in pointless paperwork generation, it provides an insight into the thinking of the current administration on strategic goals.

    The most recent QDR was released last Monday. It is a public document, so here’s a Link to it. Parts of it made interesting reading, but the more I read, the less encouraged I became.

    The buzz on the street is that the QDR cuts us loose from our traditional commitment to fighting and winning two conventional wars at the same time, freeing us to concentrate on counterinsurgency capability. I think that’s a pretty charitable reading of the document. Here’s what it says, in part:

    “In the mid- to long term, U.S. military forces must plan and prepare to prevail in a broad range of operations that may occur in multiple theaters in overlapping time frames. ...


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