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  • A Modest Proposal

    Here’s an idea. Let’s have every new purchaser of a firearm fill out the following form:

    1. State and County in which firearm was purchased
    2. Age of purchaser
    3. Gender of purchaser
    4. Race of purchaser
    5. Years of education of purchaser
    6. State or foreign country of residence of purchaser
    7. Total number of previous firearms purchased
    8. Number of firearms sold or given to others
    9. Number of firearms lost or stolen
    10. Number of firearms still in purchaser’s possession
    11. I am purchasing a firearm because I:
    ************ *like to make noise and destroy things
    ************ *want to intimidate politicians at rallies
    *********** * enjoy killing animals for sport
    *********** * believe in vigilantism as a means of law enforcement

    Then, let’s post this information on the internet for everyone to read. What do you think?

    Do you think there might be a problem with that? Do you think it might be considered a violation of privacy? Do you think some firearms owners might consider it an attempted infringement of their Second Amendment rights? Do you think that some might consider it a form of intimidation, or an invitation for anti-gun activists to harass the purchasers? Do you think they might believe that their motivation for exercising their right might not be any of the government’s business?

    If so, I agree with you. So let’s not do that, okay?


    Speaking of OK . . .

    Oklahoma just passed a law remarkably like the one I posted above, and it came into effect on November 1, but it is not about firearms it is about abortion. ...


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