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America Betrayed President Bush (from Big Government)

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  • America Betrayed President Bush (from Big Government)

    America Betrayed President Bush

    by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

    It’s almost hard to believe but Wednesday, January 20 marks exactly one year since President Bush left the White House.

    During his last public ceremony as commander in chief, he was booed by thousands of Americans who simutaneously cheered for Barack Obama as he was sworn into office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

    I seem to recall President Bush and his team often claiming that history would judge his administration more favorably over time, but is one year down the road a bit too early to begin the analysis? Apparently not.

    Still, the article does raise some interesting points regarding Obama’s handling of the war in Afghanistan and how Bush handled his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are no doubt a lot of anti-war activists who would agree that Obama has done little to roll back America’s wars overseas…

    What do you think?


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