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    Two largely unrelated items hit the electron highway today concerning China, but both are of interest in their own way.

    Google is threatening to pull out of the China market after discovering a hack-attack which breached the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Google didnít identify the Chinese government as the attacker but said they were no longer willing to censor their search engine results for the China market, which will probably force them to close their in-countr7y offices and move off-shore. Read about it Here.

    Then there’s this article on the looming sovereign debt crisis. Sovereign borrowers are nations (obviously) and although China is a net sovereign lender rather than borrower, that could change. In order to get through the global recession with minimal short-term disruption, they have poured a boatload of money into industrial expansion. This will make them look like the smartest guys on the planet if demand bounces back quickly and they are poised to make more big inroads in the global market. If it doesn’t bounce back soon, they are going to be looking at a lot of big new factories with nothing to do, and that could cause some huge problems.

    Read about that Here.


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