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More Nuke Forgeries?

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    More Nuke Forgeries?

    The “killer” intelligence on supposed Iraqi weapons of mass destruction was a series of documents showing Iraqi clandestine purchase of over one hundred tons of yellowcake uranium from Niger. The documents turned out to be forgeries, and really lousy forgeries at that, with things like poorly-drawn copies of official seals. A few minutes of study by an expert would cause anyone to throw them in the trash can – unless they really, really wanted to believe.

    The likely culprits were three former CIA officials who had links both to the neo-con community and Iraqi exile groups. Although*they benefited financially from the subsequent invasion and occupation, their motives appear to have been ideological rather than venal, not that that makes much difference to the thousands who died in the subsequent fighting.

    It looks as if we’re facing the same situation with some of the emerging documentation on the supposed Iranian nuclear weapons program. This time the culprit appears to be Israeli intelligence – another player with a vested interest in steering US policy and public opinion in more bellicose directions. Read about it here.



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