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Obama?s Criticism of Intelligence Community

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  • Obama?s Criticism of Intelligence Community

    This is a press release from Jane’s Intelligence Weekly, commenting on the recent failings of the U.S. intelligence community.* As this seems to be a rather common theme these days (see also how our intelligence is being described in Afghanistan) I think it is worth noting on this blog.

    It goes without saying that after nearly 10 years of war and intelligence reorganization since 9/11 – major failures like this are not encouraging to the average citizen.* I won’t even go into the political fumbles that occurred immediately after the attack, which only highlighted how clueless we as a nation appear in the face of major terror networks working around the clock to do us harm.* There is no reason to expect intelligence agencies to magically begin collaboration after a FAILED terrorist attack – when we can see now that such collaboration was not achieved after the SUCCESSFUL attack of 10 years ago.* This is important to note because it means we need a stronger push from our government leaders, which I’m sorry to say is probably not realistic.* If the Bush administration hawks couldn’t do it, there is absolutely no reason to expect the Obama administration to do it any better.

    In the end, the best defense is a vigilant population – we are our own last line of defense, as we saw on Christmas Day when the passengers essentially saved themselves.
    Jane’s Intelligence Weekly Comments on Obama’s Criticisms of U.S. Intelligence Community Failings
    “Task of overhauling multi-agency security apparatus not yet completely achieved” ...


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