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Global Frsh Water Crisis

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  • Global Frsh Water Crisis

    A lot of folks have been talking about “peak oil” for quite some time. In the coming decade you are going to start hearing a lot about “peak water.” The crunch between rising demand and limited supplies is going to be one of the major new drivers in global trade policies. Take Australia as an example. Australia is the most arid continent on the planet and yet it makes a lot of money from exporting beef, which is very water-intensive. In effect, Australia is exporting one of its most limited resources, and it is beginning to rethink a lot of things about its own ag and trade strategies.

    You’ve going to start seeing a lot of that. Here’s a good overview.


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    Hardly news actually. National Geographic has had articles on limits on fresh water for a number of years now.

    Living next to the Great Lakes and in Canada a nation thought to be inherently 'wet' it's easy to think drinking water is easy to find.

    But the truth is I can't just dip my glass into the local river, nor the Great Lakes necessarily. It's there, but aside from not being salt water, it's not immediately usable.

    And we are sucking all the world's deep aquifers dry rather fast these days. That water took a great looooong time to get there, and it is not replaced just because it rains heavy a few times in the year. Most rain fall just immediately runs off into rivers and out into the ocean.

    Our farmers and industry may well be heading for a brutal surprise. There are other more dangerous perils to worry over other than the hyped and largely imaginary Climate Change aka Global Warming.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.


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