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Afghan Meltdown?

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  • Afghan Meltdown?

    The situation in Afghanistan deteriorated significantly in the last weeks of 2009. Only bits and pieces of the situation are being reported in the broadcast media due to limited time and more pressing stories (such as Tiger Wood’s troubles) pushing it aside. The bombing death of several CIA officers was reported, but hardly anyone is talking publicly about the significance of those deaths.

    Back in April of 1983 the US embassy in Beirut was blown up by a suicide truck bomb. What was not widely discussed or understood at the time was the crippling blow that attack dealt to our intelligence effort in the region. A friend of mine who was involved in military intelligence at the time was present in the embassy when it was destroyed. All of the top intelligence experts on the situation in Lebanon had been gathered for a briefing and my friend left the room to retrieve a file when the bomb took off the front of the building and killed everyone still in the room. They dug my friend out of the rubble and I ran into him when he was back home recovering from his injuries. That attack decapitated our intelligence effort.

    The recent CIA bombing in Afghanistan may have had a similar effect, and it’s not the only thing going on there right now. The following column by Professor Juan Cole draws together a lot of critical information on the subject. Professor Cole has described the Afghan campaign as, “The right war at the ...


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